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  • Wholesale Custom New Style Year Necklace

        Recently, a trend of customized products has become the preference of consumers.It's the custom year necklace,similar to the name necklace.     This necklace is also very meani...

  • Olivia New Products Wholesale

    It's the latest new products in Olivia Jewelry.They are the most fashionable ornaments stainless steel jewelry at present. Crucifix cross men jewelry pendant wholesale,Olivia Jewelry Supplier,high pol...

  • Lunch Party
    2019-07-12 Lunch Party

        Last week,Olivia Jewery had a great party.First,we went to the cinema to see the film,it was very wonderful.The film takes "drugs" as a clue and tells about the fight between philanthrop...

Happy Birthday to Faye
2019-06-28 14:48:29

    Today is our colleague's birthday,we celebrated birthday with Faye.

   We had an exceedingly good lunch,there's many delicious dishes.

In the afternoon, we ate birthday cakes and sang birthday songs together.

    It's our office tradition to celebrate birthdays.When our employees have birthdays, we all have meal and eat cakes to celebrate.

    Finally, we offer our sincerest wishes to Faye:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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